Everybody Hates Cleveland (EHC): The Podcast 1

Just in time for your drive home! Tune into everybodyhatescleveland.com’s very first podcast. Download from Soundcloud, listen to the Soundcloud App, and eventually, subscribe to EHC on Itunes!

In three days, on June 26, 2014, the Cleveland Cavaliers will walk into the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY in a very familiar position, and will for once, be the envy of the NBA World.

The Cavs have the #1 pick.

The Cavs have the #1 pick in what looks like a special draft.

The Cavs have options.

Michael Hattery and Jim Pete kick off the inaugural Everybody Hates Cleveland podcast with a rundown of the options have at #1 on Thursday night, and just what they may do with their selection.

Will they take the player who is the most gifted in Joel Embiid, even though he may have a stress fracture in his back, and he just had surgery on his navicular bone which will keep him off the court from four-to-six weeks?

Will they take the player who most say is most ready to be an NBA star now in Jabari Parker, even though he was often benched in defensive situation, but will no doubt score 20 a game, and gather 5-7 rebounds?

Will they take the player with the most upside in Andrew Wiggins, who has the NBA in his blood, can jump out of the gym, can attack the basket with fury, and can play elite defense already?

It’s a good problem to have.

Mike and Jim look at all three players, as well as their trade options with teams like Philadelphia, Orlando and Utah.

They also briefly discuss the hiring of David Blatt, and how Blatt COULD be the most important piece to the Cavs success in 2014 and beyond. They talk his elite mind, and why his outside the box thinking could take the Cavs to the next level.

Tune in to EHC daily for our podcasts, and we’ll definitely keep you up to date on where you can listen (soundcloud, iTunes and our player here on site), where you can subscribe, and where you can even watch live, or On Demand!


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