If you close your eyes … you’ll likely forget this music (but you shouldn’t)


Everyone loves Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance music. Everyone loves the NWO theme song (and the near note for note ripoff that is Hulk Hogan’s TNA entrance music).

These snippets of television lore will live on for a long time.

But what happens to other wrestling theme songs? When WWE scraps a wrestler’s music and gimmick just as they are getting some traction (just because the company can), the music often can disappear. Or it can be reused by a different wrestler eight or so years later (see Clay, Brodus and Miller, Ernest the Cat). But, mostly, these songs go away. These songs deserve more attention.

Doink the Clown (original heel music)

Heel Doink was cool. Face Doink (and the laughably lame Face Doink theme song) was not. I locked the doors again and checked all the closets after just playing this. (shiver)

Hardcore Holly (used for, like, a year)

There was a time when generic guitar riff entrance music was more distinctive. We just call it the Attitude Era. This is a prime example, although it seems this particular piece has been used in commercials and other television programs since the late 90s (a testament to how worthy it is). In fact, the main riff basically is a ripoff of Metallica’s “Sad But True,” the most stereotypical Metallica tough guy song. This fits Bob Holly’s gimmick and, from what I’ve heard, his reality as well.

Jeff Jarrett (Attitude Era)

This may not be as underappreciated as I think it is, but since it was wedged between Jarrett’s old violin theme (and that song that Road Dogg sang) and a remixed version of Kid Rock’s “Cowboy,” it should be highlighted. Additionally, it may get lost under the rubble caused by Jarrett’s bizarre heavy metal theme from TNA. This is a three and a half minute Southern rock guitar solo with appropriate rhythmic backing. (I think I even hear some piano!) It sounds like they sort of care.

Acolyte Protection Agency

Again, also not as forgotten/unappreciated as I think, but DAMN. If you view it as a precursor to Brock Lesnar’s theme song (and, now, the Shield’s theme music), it takes on new depth. Also, it’s another example of Attitude Era generic guitar music being awesome. How do they go from this to this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UifWm1XddnY)?

Chris Jericho (WCW)

This is a straight rip from Pearl Jam, with maybe a little bit of Alice In Chains’ “Would?” thrown in for good measure. How cool is that?

Christian (roughly 2005)

Actually, Christian still uses the same song, but a different version (a pop punk version by Story Of The Year). This version is by a group that no longer exists called Waterproof Blonde. A YouTube search shows only five other songs by the group (including Sean O’Haire’s theme song), and almost no information about the band is available online (not even an English Wikipedia page; I had to translate from the Italian version of the site to discover it lasted for about three years and released two albums). In the information era, what is more underappreciated than that?

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