The Universe – Entry One: Professional Wrestling vs. Sports Entertainment

It isn’t important what you do, it’s how you do it. On par with that, or more importantly even, it’s why you do it.

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Okay. For those of you that have followed Brian Andrews on his self-fulfilling odyssey, you know what to expect here. This inaugural entry can serve as a “For Dummies” schematic of my multi-dimensional thought processes regarding the art of the sport in entertainment within the professional wrestling industry.

My name is Brian Andrews. Welcome to The Universe. Let’s get started.

1. Professional Wrestling vs. Sports Entertainment

There once was a time that wrestling was a shoot. Only you didn’t call it a shoot back then. You called it sport. Over thousands of years, techniques and physiques improved through minute evolutionary passings-on. Around the turn of the 20th century, wrestling had become lucrative enough as a competitive sport to have a world’s championship.

I’m not sure of all the identifiers required for a sports organization to be classified as “professional”, but it was around this time that wrestling started being regarded as such. Thus, “Professional Wrestling.”

This is where it gets murky. The reason we watch sports is because it entertains us. This is a Cleveland webzone, correct? Let’s just get this out of the way right now. How do I say this…?


Still more championships than you.

Too soon? Hey, I never told anybody I was a face… But check it, you guys sure as hell LOVED this man five years ago. What’s my point? Oh, you couldn’t infer the message contextually? I hope that isn’t the case.

The point is, Cleveland loses. You watch anyways. You buy the merch anyways. You buy the tickets anyways. You… know what I’m saying. Sports are popular because they are, uh oh, entertaining. Professional Wrestling was entertaining. I have no desire to discuss or argue the finer points of comparing a “real” sport to a “fake” sport.


Did somebody say fake sport?

Author’s Note: The use and non-use of the preceding quotation marks around “fake” are intentional and deliberate.

Somewhere along the line, the sport of wrestling hit it’s peak. Not just in popularity, but it also reached it’s full potential regarding legitimate competition. Needless to say, wrestling as an industry weakened. By all means, readers, utilize your google-fu skills and read the whole story, it is fascinating. So now that you all know er, wait… SPOILER ALERT!!!! The shows that you watch through various media outlets is (sigh) not a verifiably accurate depiction of an athletic competition. It is a show depicting a reasonable facsimile of a professional sport. I am sincerely sorry if I ruined the magic for any of you youngsters out there that may happen across this.

So wrestling’s not real, then? I’m not exactly sure about that. Wrestling is very real. If you want to go for points, I’m down. If you wanna go for championships, now that’s a different thing entirely. Professional Wrestling is all a work now, so how is that professional exactly? Would you consider fixing a game professional? Bill Belichick fixed games on the sly, got caught, but still got to keep his championships…

I am definitely divulging from my point, but I think that could be a nice thing to discuss over on football. (Guys, start the chain.)

As far as Professional Wrestling goes though, it’s all well-planned and agreed upon beforehand. For the most part.

I hear a lot of people ranting and raving about shying away from “Sports Entertainment” and going back that good ol’ “Professional Wrestling”. I hear you, but consider this: given that the entity known as Professional Wrestling exists now and for almost a century as a fixed contest, and the reasoning behind the predetermined outcomes was ultimately for the sake of entertainment, then “Professional Wrestling” is to “square” as “Sports Entertainment” is to “rectangle”.

batistaProfessional Wrestling is Sports Entertainment. Not necessarily the other way around. The point is to entertain. That is the conduit in which an industry is consented. That is true now more than ever. Do you know what I’m going to college for? Marketing. There has been a shift in the last decade. The product has become second to its representation. That is true worldwide and it transcends product paradigms. If a business wants to be successful beyond paying the rent you MUST have adequate representation. Entertainment in general has grown a new layer of meta. This is doubly true when it comes to professional wres… I mean Sports Entertainment.

Sports Entertainment has always been meta. We just didn’t really know about it back in the day. In our community, we call it kayfabe. Now what? If you are a redditor (shout out to r/SquaredCircle!), we go deep in kayfabe 2.0. Or 3.0. Or ∞.0. What have you. The smart marks have begotten a new breed of fan. We like some. We love some. We hate a lot. Ultimately, though, we have no idea what we want.

I was recently asked by the #pidgeonarmy (is Jim in the army?), AND I QUOTE: “So…can the WWE turn it around?”

I… you know what? The WWE is around. I’ve been saying it for years, the time is nigh. Except we’re pretty much there. WWE is flipping amazing and I am surrounded by an army that serves a third-world country. Come on back, guys, the water’s fine. The wrestling has evolved. It’s time for us to evolve as well. The programming is so dense, you cannot get to the core. There is no binary to observe. No black, nor white. No face, nor heel. This is Ruby Programming Language. Now go download RPG Maker and create a story.

We need to turn it around. In this same aforementioned decade, another shift has been running parallel. The quality of the American society has seemingly decreased at a level concurrent with the increase of the saturation of advertising in American media.

However, we’re all starting to wake up… to what though exactly?

Stay tuned, my collective padawans. The answer will come.

Until then, this is Brian Andrews typing live here in the BEAUTIFUL Temple of Infinitude, signing off.


real to me dammit

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