Six Sides of Ring


Well, the fans of TNA have voted and they say six is greater than four, showing a superior grasp of mathematics.

TNA on Monday announced that, after fans voted in an online poll, that it will ditch the four-sided ring in favor of the classic six-sided ring.

For all intents and purposes, TNA’s best era took place when the ring had six sides. Classic pay-per-views, the best X-Division roster and a good mix of younger guys and veterans. Besides the 2012 hot streak, 2005 to 2007 is my favorite time for TNA (we can just call it the Christian Cage era).    When TNA began in 2002, it used a traditional four-sided ring. It started using six sides in 2004. When Hulk Hogan arrived in 2010, the six sides were tossed aside. Hogan also got rid of classic TNA gimmick matches like the King of the Mountain, but that is another issue.

Austin Aries, who is quite the skilled ringmaster, last week tweeted in support of keeping the four-sided is less forgiving when a wrestler runs into the ropes. Aries also complained that the fans, who do not work in the ring, should not have more say that the talent, who do. This is a very fair point. The company should cater to the fans who consume the product and give it money, but they should not have final say on every issue.

I’d say I used to me more of a six-sided guy, but these days, I’m not so sure. It’s unique and eye catching for sure. For hardcore TNA fans, it’s something of a calling card.

But, what does it really contribute?

Ratings are low for wrestling in general, and TNA has been on a downward slide since 2012. That year, weekly Impact shows were tremendous. The feuds were a strong as needed, and the match quality was almost uniformly excellent. In 2013, things took a slide. Eric Young’s world title reign this year was very weak.

TNA still does not have a new contract with Spike TV yet. The current contract expires in October, so neither side should be desperate at this point. But a good TV deal is crucial to TNA’s survival.

When the transition from six sides to four sides happened, some seasoned TNA talent had to reconfigure their styles. With this switch, talent will have to change again. With locker room morale at a low point, and with so many veterans who are synonymous with TNA gone, I just don’t think the change is worth it.

That being said, the sight of the Six-Sided Squared Sircle on regular cable TV again will be fun. I can only hope other people find mirth in it too. TNA needs it.


2 thoughts on “Six Sides of Ring

  1. Yes! Being that I have not watched TNA for several months this is exciting news. TNA defiantly had it’s best moments when the ring was six sided and a six sided ring is different and is definitely the best for TNA.

    TNA use to b exciting each week, each match. I’m not saying that there aren’t any good matches now because the last time I tuned in, there were a few and I do enjoy a handful of the wrestlers. I think the company went in a bad direction that I couldn’t enjoy but hearing the return of a ring that I cherish makes me pretty excited to tune in and see how everything is going and giving TNA another chance for me.

  2. Rocky, I certainly hear you, and I have walked down your path of “not watching” the product for several months at a time. I agree wholeheartedly that their best days were with the six-sided ring, and have pined for it since it left during the early Hogan era.

    Glad you are giving it another chance…while I can’t stand that they are going in a reactionary stance…if it brings back viewers…IT’S WORTH IT!!!

    Keep visiting!!!

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