500 words or less…on the Indians losing in 14 innings…

Arizona...ending the misery

Arizona…ending the misery

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a baseball game that’s driven me more insane than the nearly six hours of garbage that I saw last night this morning in Arizona. I stayed up for all of it, and am now up at 6:00 AM writing about it.

That’s how much it bugged me. The nightmares were too much.

Justin Masterson was his typical 2014 self, giving up far too many hits and far too many walks, and looking totally as though he forgets how to pitch for really long stretches of time. He threw 91 pitches in four innings, and has somehow figured out a way to look like the bad version of Ubaldo this year. Perhaps he’s saving up his good pitching for August.

I could get into the minutiae of this game, but please…don’t bother with it. Just allow the fact that I sat through 5 1/2 hours of this garbage and you didn’t be the banner moment of your Wednesday.

The Indians bullpen was stretched, but did what they always seem to do in games like this: implode. The Indians had tied the game at four in the ninth inning, when Yan Gomes singled home Asdrubal Cabrera. Things remained stagnant until the eleventh, when Michael Brantley drew a walk, then Carlos Santana hit a two-run blast to give the Tribe a two-run advantage. Enter Bryan Shaw and John Axford.

Shaw got the first out, then gave up a homer, a walk and a single, before Terry Francona decided the imitation that Shaw was doing of John Axford wasn’t good enough. Enter Axford, who immediately gave up the game tying single.

Night extended.

In the 14th inning, Francona brought in Mark Lowe, who I honestly forgot was on the team. I hear often that teams need guys like Lowe, and Axford for that matter, because you don’t want to waste good pitchers at the back-end of the bench. I only have 500 words, so I won’t waste time with that other than to say that the only teams that use that mentality are teams that don’t win anything that matters.

Lowe gave up a lead-off single to Gerardo Parra. I should stop there, because it just drives me nuts when relievers that aren’t good do exactly what you KNOW they are going to do. Parra stole second, then moved over to third on a sacrifice fly. Miguel Montero was then intentionally walked, so the Indians could perhaps get a double play to end the game, but unfortunately made it to second, thanks to a wild pitch by Lowe.

Well Done.

When Aaron Hill singled home Parra to end the nightmare, I could only shake my head. The Indians had blown another one. They loaded the bases in the fifth, and didn’t get anyone home. They had runners on second and third with one out, and Michael Bourn TOOK A CALLED THIRD STRIKE.

Corey Kluber had to hit in the fourteenth.

I watched it all…every single stupid pitch.

Your welcome.


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