Which coaster will Cedar Point rename “King James?”

1Cedar Point has recently stated that they would rename one of their coasters “King James” should he return home to Cleveland? With that said, which one makes the most sense?

Choose below…then LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS!

I’ll comment throughout the night with my ideas both in the comments section below, as well as on twitter @jimpeteehc as well as @evrybdyhatescle!!!!

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15 thoughts on “Which coaster will Cedar Point rename “King James?”

  1. The Blue Streak makes sense…somewhat…it’s old, and has that sad-feel to it…that Cleveland had when it all ended four years ago…but he’d be coming back. I can’t vote blue streak…but it does make some sense….

  2. Millenium Force with an early vote. I guess I can figure out who made that vote. I love the coaster, and having been on it multiple times, it’s not a LeBron ride to me…but I get it…it is an idiotic name…

  3. I’m going Top Thrill Dragster. The ride is too short, like Lebron’s first stint in Cleveland but it’s one hell of a rush.

    • Not to mention there’s a similar coaster in NJ’s Six Flags Great Adventure park named Kingda Ka (tallest current coaster in world). Kingda Ka vs King James…

  4. I have to discount Raptor and Maverick…while they both fit for a variety of reasons, they are the names of other #NBA teams, and don’t want to walk down that path.

  5. Voted for Mean Streak. Mean Streak sucks and LeBron is the relative opposite of suck, but gotta be an antagonist (if anything, Andrew Bynum is the equivalent of Mean Streak). I see it currently is in the lead. Perhaps a name change will make this failed, oversized, overbraked ride more popular. Until then, it will gain dust in the back of the park.

  6. I said Millenium Force, cause its an awesome ride and the new Millenium started 14 years ago. I haven’t been to Cedar Point in 7 years or so, haven’t seen Maverick.

  7. CP should just build him his own….A vintage Switch Back Coaster since he’s getting old & doesn’t truly stay in one place very long!! I picked the Corkscrew for the same reason….he’s screwy & you just don’t know what direction he’s going to take next!! I’m sorry….I know he has a lot of fans out there but I just don’t trust players who do things like that. Would he be here without the 20 million … Not likely!!!

  8. I say Maverick, Millenium, Magnum, Raptor, Blue Streak, and Raptor will be off limits for a rename.

    I can only hope they retrack Mean Streak, which would setup the rename/ redisgn in one shot.

  9. Wicked Twister.. Easy to do a basketball theme with the back and forth court like ride and there is even a basketball challenge game right across from it. Keeps all the ballers back in one corner!

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