The Universe – Entry Three: Lest We Forget

Where-in we discuss the potential of a man whose destiny was denied, whose heritage was seemingly meaningless, and whose time was ostensibly up. Who is this enigmatic personality, and how does he fit into our collective existences?

I’m Brian Andrews, welcome to The Universe. Let’s get started.

First off, I want to give a shout-out to my EHC cohort, Jim Pete. His piece on Dean Ambrose was simply amazing. Eloquent, varied, analytical, thought-provoking… If you haven’t read it, then read it. It really got my noodle spinning.

I’ve been prophesying this immense shift in the programming, but I’ve never put in the proper amount of conceptualization to actually name the spear-headers.

Dean Ambrose is my second favorite (current) wrestler. There is no denying the credentials, ability, and potential of this man. How many parallels can you draw on this man before he becomes his own entity? Not many more I can assure you. I have no desire to, nor is there any need for me to pontificate further on Dean Ambrose. He’s money. What I’d like to do is take a nice, sharp left turn and tell you guys who my number one favorite (current) wrestler is. You guys all know him, but not like I do. If Dean Ambrose is money, than this man is GOLD.

Oh, you all wish it was him, admit it. IWC… *sigh*

No, ladies and gentlemen, even better than Cody Rhodes, he is none other than Tyson Kidd.

I assure you I’m serious.

I don’t want to get too “media-happy” here, but if you haven’t been paying attention to Tyson Kidd since he’s been back from injury, you have been missing out.

Actually, you’ve been missing out pretty much the whole time. The man is, first of all, a 19-year veteran. He’s only 33! The man has been a part of professional wrestling his entire life. He’s Hart Certified, and has been exceeding expectations his entire career. Lest we forget the Hart Dynasty? Of course, this was during some of the most God-awful, unbearable WWE programming in history, and what could be the lowest point the WWE Tag Division had ever seen.

I’ll tell you this, the Hart Dynasty was great to watch. Just like his father before him, when D.H. Smith turned it on, he wowed. Tyson Kidd was a natural with him, and they took their team to the very top. The Hart Dynasty not only won the WWE Unified World Tag Team Championships, they were presented with the next version of the singular tag team division championship belts. What this means, my little padawans, is that they were the torch-bearers for a new era of tag team wrestling.

Ugh. Almost a new era…

Let’s fast-forward because it all becomes a blur of mediocrity from here on out. Some of that has to be the office’s fault (at least I’d assume, I mean Jackson Andrews), but some of it is Tyson as well. After being swept aside following just, terrible tag team booking, Tyson floundered in singles action and descended from the “A” shows in quick and even succession until a torn meniscus put him on the shelf for the better part of a year.

Let’s slow down the mental movie now and coast into the present. Since Tyson’s return, he’s been on fire. The man has burst into flames and is endangering the status quo with his intense heat. And I ain’t talking X-Pac heat, either. This is good heat. This heat is like sitting by the campfire, just having some brewskies with your best buds and enjoying the great things about life. He has been flawless in the ring since his NXT return back in December 2013. In fact, he was undefeated until losing to Adrian Neville at NXT Takeover just seven weeks ago. Yes, he lost that big match at Takeover, and yes he was unsuccessful in his return match two weeks later. But I’ll tell you this, the television revolving around Tyson Kidd has been wonderful thus far.

I’m a fan of science and physics. This is a wrestling column on a sports website so I won’t get into how into the sciences I am, but I am intrigued my high-density matter. Planets, stars, etc. as well so many other things. That is kind of my thing with professional wrestling. It’s supposed to be real. A lot of us forgot this long ago, and sadly an entire new generation of fans never even knew it was real to begin with. We do, however, have the next generation coming. It’s starts at NXT. It has become real again, and some of these guys and gals down there really have a bead on the reality of professional wrestling. If you haven’t watched NXT Takeover, you are doing yourself a disservice as a wrestling fan. If you were watching live, you can really appreciate the pre-show and post-show coverage as well, but it isn’t critical to the enjoyment of the in-ring product.

Density, then? Oh yes. Okay, do you think it is by accident that wrestlers contracted to WWE are called Superstars? It was just by chance that the fanbase surrounding the WWE is referred to as the WWE Universe? This is of course just some simple comparisons to make, but it is a symbolization of the manner in which they present the product. The denser the character is, the more you can believe in it. Tyson Kidd is among the densest.

My wiiiife…

To clear up all possible misconceptions at this point, no, there was not any negative implication in my statement that Tyson Kidd was dense. Yes, that picture is from the “Natalya Farts” story arc. Thank you.

I like my wrestling real, and Tyson Kidd is about as real as they come. What you see on television is what you would experience in real life. If you’ve thought about it, they’ve probably brought it up regarding Tyson Kidd, and the shows have been spectacular because of it. Watch this and learn again what it is like to actually care about the outcome of a match. Watch this and realize again what it is that makes us believe in it in the first place.

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but it’s seeming like Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn are due to collide soon. By all means, youtube these guys and… nah. I’ll do it for you.

Watch These.

Unfortunately there isn’t a legal Kidd/Neville full match video out there, so please enjoy a nice slice of what Tyson brings to the table. And these guys are just gonna get better.

But, until then, at least we know the ride in is gonna be great.

This is Brian Andrews typing live here in the BEAUTIFUL Temple of Infinitude, signing off.



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