Stung by advertising?

sting 0714 raw

So, Sting kind of, sort of made his long awaited debut on WWE Monday Night Raw last night.

Only he didn’t.

When all of the rumors about Sting leaving TNA and signing with WWE started becoming more and more true in January, all of the talk was about when he would be on WWE TV and would he wrestle.

On July 8, Sting used his rarely touched Twitter account to tweet a mysterious picture of his face and the date “07.14.14.” Naturally, this rechurned the rumor mill, and discussions about Sting’s imminent WWE debut began.

However, when Raw came to be last night, Sting’s only appearance was in a video game commercial. It turns out, Sting only will be a playable character in the WWE2K15 video game.

To be fair, the commercial was great. The string section playing Sting’s WCW theme was a great touch. The music stopping, followed by the players turning their heads to reveal that they all are wearing Sting makeup (not to mention the all too brief appearance of Sting himself) was great.

All in all, goosebump-producing advertising. 2K Sports reportedly spent $200,000 on the commercial.

This still leaves fans in the cold as the when (or even if) Sting will be on WWE television for real, and be involved in a real angle.       

But, if we’re using this type of thing as a benchmark, Sting already has debuted in WWE. In 2013, a poll on Raw named Sting as the best U.S. Champion in history. Since signing a deal with WWE, Sting has appeared in the latest documentary special on the Ultimate Warrior. If we’re using this criteria, it’s not much of a stretch to say WWE owning the WCW video library means Sting has debuted.

When WWE bought WCW in 2001, Sting had discussions with Vince McMahon about crossing over. A born again Christian, he had concerns about the racy content on WWE television. And, after seeing 5x, 5x, 5x, 5x, 5x WCW Champion Booker T denigrated by the Rock on TV, he didn’t want the same thing happen to him.

As such, a deal never happened. Rumors started up periodically since then, but Sting continued to be the most famous modern wrestler to never work in WWE.

With this new deal, there was a lot of talk about a Sting/Undertaker match at WrestleMania. That is highly unlikely at this point. There also has been talk about a big Sting DVD with a documentary. This has the potential to be a money maker (and, some might speculate it is a way for WWE and TNA to snuggle up, since it would be impossible to do a thorough documentary and ignore TNA).

I doubt this commercial is the last we’ve seen of Sting in WWE. It just would be nice to know that he will be used properly.


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