LeBron James’ Master Plan


Generally, I’m not one for conspiracies.

But this one in particular interests me.

Ever since Lebron opted out of his contract and elected to enter into free agency, a theory began to develop in my head. And now that LeBron has decided to come home to Northeast Ohio, I’m thinking this theory might actually be reality.

When James left the Cavaliers to go to chase rings in Miami, he left the team in shambles.

Emotionally. Mentally. Physically.

Just think about the talent that he left behind after the 2009-2010 season. The leading scorers after James were Mo Williams, J.J. Hickson and Anderson Varejao — I kid you not.

That’s not exactly a championship-caliber roster to help him win a championship. In fact, the team wasn’t even able to win 20 games without James the next season. But we know this and have since forgotten it.

The point is that James was smart enough to know that without him in the lineup, the team would struggle. For four years? Perhaps.

The point is that James knew the Cleveland Cavaliers would be a team that would have go into a rebuilding process, which is not something a fan base ever wants to experience after going to the playoffs in five straight seasons.

What followed was four consecutive losing seasons. A string of three No. 1 overall picks in four  years and multiple first round picks. One of them looks to have turned into a perennial all-star as Kyrie Irving is one of the best young guards in the game. Some of the other picks have equated to couple of very good role players and a still unknown pick in Anthony Bennett.

Throughout the past four years, it was hard to see the Cavaliers struggle, let alone even watch the games, but improvement came slowly. Remember that the Cavaliers almost made the playoffs since past season, albeit as an eighth seed.

This then brings me to the 2014 off-season. The Cavaliers once again won the lottery and drafted Andrew Wiggins from Kansas. As a high school player, Wiggins was referred to as the next LeBron James on several occasions. Who would be better for the most-hyped-up player since LeBron James to play with other than… well…

Finally, they day we all hoped, dreamed and prayed for came last Friday, July 11th, 2014. The return of Ohio’s prodigal son, LeBron James.

Looking back, it’s crazy how those four years flew by. Ironically enough, these past two weeks seemed as if they lasted a lifetime.

The Cavaliers set themselves up nicely these past few years for the return of LeBron James. They finally have what seems to be supporting cast, and a great supporting cast at that. But, there are also a few potential stars in the making as well.

The one available spot in the lineup is the one where LeBron can step right in and fill the position that has plagued the Cavaliers for years. Fortunately or unfortunately, Alonzo Gee or Earl Clark are not NBA-level small forwards, and now James can reclaim the spot he vacated four years ago.

Now consider all of the pieces around James — the lineup is fit for a King.

In his letter, James mentions that what would make him happy is to raise his family in his hometown.  Has he thought about this for a long time? Did he know this four years ago, even before he jumped ship to Miami?

He said he always wanted to be back in Cleveland someday, but he did not know when.

Or did he? Was his plan this all along?



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