EHC The Podcast #3: #KeepWiggins and the #Klubots

imageI heard you missed us…we’re back….. rejoins the airwaves with their first podcast in over a month, as Jim Pete and Steve Orbanek wax poetic about the Cleveland Cavaliers Minnesota Timberwolves first round draft pick, Andrew Wiggins, and the likelihood that Steve Orbanek will get more wear out of the Cavs #21 jersey than Wiggins will.

While Kevin Love could give the Cavaliers an untouchable “Big 3”  along with Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, are there more potential risks than are being publicized by the mainstream media? What about a Cleveland Cavaliers team with LeBron, Kyrie, Wiggins and Anthony Bennett, and three first round picks on their way?

Jim and Steve rationalize the irrational, while #EHC proudly waves the #KeepWiggins banner…for better or for worse, and no doubt…with some folly. Several sources are reporting that the Cavs and the Timberwolves have a handshake deal already in place.

This should be a fun month.

Steve and Jim also talk about the #Klubot, Corey Kluber, who went 7-plus innings for the fourth straight game, for the fifth time in six games, and for the seventh time in the last nine games. Brantley also enters the equation, and Kluber and Brantley are doing their best impressions of Cy Young and MVP candidates.

The boys also sneak in some Browns scuttlebutt at the tail end of the pod…that’s worth a listen…

EHC, the PODCAST is back…after the jump…


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