Boyhood: The First Great Film of 2014


Late in “Boyhood”, Ellar Coltrane’s teenage Mason is looking for purpose when he asks his father, played by Ethan Hawke, “What’s the point, of anything? Everything?” Hawke’s character, Mason Sr., can only chuckle, “Everything? I sure as shit don’t know. Neither does anybody else”

Questions of life’s meaning and the directions our lives take are deep at the heart of “Boyhood,” a nearly three-hour film from writer/director Richard Linklater (“Dazed and Confused, “School of Rock”, “Before Sunrise”) that is by far the best of the year thus far.

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The Universe – Entry Six: The SummerSlam Series, Subsection Four: SummerSlam 2014

Here we are, folks. A month’s worth of recollection and introspection to lead us to this point. It’s been quite the journey through the past. Some of it has been good, some bad; but all of it worth the time put in. In the realm of professional wrestling, it is only through our history that we can see the present for it’s true worth.

I’m Brian Andrews, welcome to The Universe. Let’s finish this up.

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