Rearview Mirror: A Look Back at the First Four Games of 2014

thAnother crazy comeback game for the Cleveland Browns. This one, unlike Week 1 resulted in victory. This was the biggest comeback road win in NFL history. When Head Coach Mike Pettine was asked about this, he answered evenly:

“Wonderful to make history, but to comeback from so far down means you were terrible enough to fall that far behind.”

That is how I was feeling on Sunday. Yes, I was happy that they won. But I didn’t like that they played so poorly that first half, and the end result did not wipe away my memory of what happened in that first half. You can come back against the Tennessee Titans, especially with Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback, but better teams aren’t going to give you that privilege.

I’m not discounting that. You have to win your games, bottom-line. And the Browns did that. As I said on Sunday, if there can be no moral victories, there can be no moral defeats. I’m glad they won.

And with a couple of days to digest the game, I’m feeling better than I did on Sunday. It’s still important to play a game better than that two-half show they put on this week and in Week 1. This team still has holes. But there are also some positives. Continue reading


David Fincher’s Gone Girl Lives Up to the Hype

Gone GirlGillian Flynn’s Gone Girl was an immediate sensation when it was released in the summer of 2012, spending eight weeks at the top of the New York Times Bestseller list and permeating the culture in the way few books do anymore.

Part of its popularity likely stems from it very much being a novel of our time, touching on the media’s penchant for sensationalizing crime while also asking relevant questions about male-female relationships and whether we can ever really know the people with whom we choose to spend our lives.

Almost immediately it became clear the novel would be ripe for a cinematic adaptation, which finally arrived this past weekend in theaters around the country. Continue reading