The Cleveland Sports Guyz talk Hoyer, Manziel, Waiters, Bron and Kluber

In today’s edition of The Cleveland Sports Guyz, Jim and Steve kick things off with the Cleveland Browns, as they look closely at how good (or bad) Brian Hoyer has been this year, and whether or not he will make it through next week, let alone this year. Hoyer has been everything that you want in a consistent quarterback, but there have been some instance of stagnancy that are troubling. The big question with regards to Hoyer is in today’s era of the NFL, is a player that can lead the Browns on a consistent basis, or is he a quarterback that will always somewhat fall short ever so often?

The Guyz also touch upon how good the Browns really are, and where they stand on the arc of being a really good football team. Unfortunately for the fans of Cleveland, they may have a long road to go, or…perhaps just until say, week 11.

With the Cavaliers’ pre-season in full effect, Jim brought up his favorite quote of camp:

The quote was in response to the Washington Wizard’s Bradley Beal, as Wiggins continued a mild twitter-war his Wizard’s counterpart. It appears as though the advent of LeBron James-2 has inspired many of the Cavaliers with a new brash attitude.

Wait, this is Dion Waiters we are talking about here. James didn’t add to his attitude, he only lended some credence to it.

They wrap up the conversation with some general talk about the Cavs, Pokemon cards, the garbage smell in New York City, and how Corey Kluber’s season may rank as one of the top ten all time in Cleveland Indians’ history.

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