Browns Edge Falcons 26-24: That’ll Age Ya

th3XAUXIWXWow, that game was painful to watch.

The Cleveland Browns went down to Atlanta and did everything they could do to give this one away. Well, Brian Hoyer did his best as he threw three interceptions and missed on several throws. When he threw his final interception, I was done with him. Bench him. Bring in Johnny Manziel. And I promise you that I am the last person saying that.

But Hoyer came through on what would be the game-winning drive, making nice passes down the middle to get the Browns into field goal range where Billy Cundiff sent it through the uprights for the win.

Well, now what? Credit Hoyer for having the poise to lead the team downfield when it was needed? Blame him for the fact that they were in that position to begin with because he couldn’t stop throwing to red jerseys?

I don’t know. As a body of work, this was a bad one for Hoyer. Can you change the quarterback when the team is winning and a half a game out of first place? Probably not. We’ll find out.

I know we all think we can change parts with no interruption because that’s what we do in fantasy football, but I don’t know how you walk into that locker room and explain to the other players that you’re putting their season at risk so that you can put in Manziel when you don’t know how he’s going to do.

So it looks like we have Hoyer for at least one more week. And it’s too bad that with a big win like this one – I think I aged 30 years in that final quarter – that we’re talking about replacing the quarterback. That is SO Cleveland. But that’s life in the NFL.

Speaking of questionable, what is going on with Mike Pettine and his (lack of) clock/timeouts management? I do like this guy and have no questions about him being the head coach going forward, but, seriously, someone needs to get with this guy about ending a half. He is atrocious.

The AFC North is crazy! If the Baltimore Ravens win, you have all teams within a half a game after 12 weeks. I’m sure that’s a record.

Good win for the Browns. Already more wins than they’ve had since 2007. Next week they take on Buffalo. With the division so crammed together, there’s no use in saying this is a must-win. But add to it that they have Buffalo’s first round pick next season, a win would be a little more beneficial. Can they do it?

We’ll find out.


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