Mike Pettine Names Brian Hoyer Starting Quarterback

brian-hoyerOh boy. Here we go again.

All season long, the Johnny Manziel supporters have wanted to see their guy play. So many people screamed for Brian Hoyer to be the starting quarterback after his 2.25 games last year. Then the Browns drafted Manziel. After that, the guy that everyone wanted so badly became a bum.

Brian Hoyer became the starter after both guys looked awful in the preseason. The team won, Hoyer did well. Then Hoyer started regressing and so has the team, having dropped two of three. After failing so badly last week, Manziel came in and his supporters felt saved. Their guy was now at the helm.

But Mike Pettine shut that down on Wednesday. The players are in full support of this move, which I’ve warned you they would. Is this the right move?


I know, I know. I just wrote an article saying they should start Manziel. And I meant it. But after writing that I did think of something.

Maybe the Browns should start Hoyer. That pacifies the players and gives Hoyer a chance to see if possibly losing his job has reignited him. But if he starts failing again, then you can go to Manziel for good, and it would be hard for the players to argue it.

Is that the plan? I don’t know. But I think that’s an option that works really well.


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