Rearview Mirror: Please Start Johnny Manziel

manziel-lurking-e1418057142137I want to talk about the Browns as a team. I feel like the Brian Hoyer – Johnny Manziel dialogue has been talked out as far as it can go. There can be no argument at this point that is going to sway anyone, and, if anything, will just make people dig in their heels a little deeper on their side of the argument. What more can be said that hasn’t already?

But it really is all that anyone wants to talk about. So I guess we can talk about it for a moment longer. If you need further discussion, turn on mindless sports-talk radio: They will have a ton of it because it’s getting people to tune in and call in. They won’t let it go until it’s bled completely dry. Which will probably be some time in March.

I truly believe that the Browns have wrung from Brian Hoyer all that they can get. That doesn’t mean that if he starts they have no chance of winning. Again, there’s a lot of guys that make up an offense; never does it hinge on one of them. Hoyer should get a decent contract from a team after this season because he can be a guy that can go in and show a young quarterback how to be an NFL quarterback.

I’m not interested in Manziel playing so we can “see what we have.” That’s not my job. That’s Mike Pettine’s job. If you ask me, that’s a pretty asinine reason for wanting to see Manziel play. I want wins. I don’t care if the playoffs are lost or not. I want the team to win their next three games. You know why I watch? In hopes of seeing them win, not to evaluate talent. Nothing I can surmise from evaluating a player is going to have any impact on what the team does.

For me, this whole quarterback controversy has taken the fun out of the season. I’d love to be watching these games and feel good about this not being a team that you can just roll over. We have 3 games to go and they are over .500 for a change.

But instead, I have to hear the soap opera: The fans, the announcers, the networks, the pregame shows…..I’m just exhausted with it. I don’t even care anymore.

From my limited perspective, I think you have to go with Manziel. I think the soap opera has finished Hoyer off. Hey, it’s self-imposed, I’m not making him a martyr, but the guy cannot possibly carry the weight of this any longer. He knows Manziel is right on his heels and he’s never going to be able to relax and get into the flow of the game. I think that makes him a liability.

With Manziel, the only negative you get is that he’s a rookie. That means dumb throws into coverage. That means defenses being able to disguise their schemes to fool him. That means him not knowing enough of the playbook. But I don’t see how you get around not starting him.

We’ll know soon. Pettine will announce his decision. The radio stations all have this plotted out on how they will handle either decision. I can’t imagine it will be a complete end to the soap opera, but if he goes Manziel, it should quiet the noise a lot.


3 thoughts on “Rearview Mirror: Please Start Johnny Manziel

  1. What are the odds that Manziel will win those last three games for us? I think our defense was the only reason we had half a chance this week. Combine that with a rejuvenated energy Manziel can bring and now we are looking at something. Before we start talking next year (which will be the new topic soon enough) I would like to see us finish this season strong.

  2. I agree, this season has never been as much fun as it should have been. The discord strewn by the quarterback controversy has really ruined it. I find myself more interested in what Chris Antonetti might do this week than Mike Pettine, and that’s a shame. In years past (admittedly many years past) I’d be poring over playoff scenarios and trying to figure out what needs to happen in addition to the Browns winning out. Now? Just not feeling close enough emotionally to the team to care. The melodrama has elbowed out the sport.

  3. I can see why you feel that Avory, but I’m nowhere near the same place. I’ve somehow been able to channel my focus of this team away from all of the BS, and seen it for what it is; a young team making a heck of a lot of growth in one year under Pettine, and sometimes, in spite of him. The Manziel/Hoyer garbage is just that.

    I see a team transitioning into a playoff contender, nothing more, nothing less.

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