Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon are complete idiots–EHC Podcast 8–1/25/2015

Two idiots
Two idiots

Saturday started off as an innocent enough day for the staff at Everybody Hates Cleveland. The three #EHC founders got together to talk a little bit about about Johnny Manziel.

My, oh my, how things can get complicated.

What was supposed to be a fifteen minute podcast discussing Jeremy Fowler and Pat McNamanon’s ESPN piece in which 20 “Browns’ sources” threw darts at Manziel’s unprofessional and moronic behavior, it turned into a 30-minute rant on Manziel, Gordon, and the future of the franchise.

Seems pretty prophetic at this point.

On Sunday, reports began surfacing that Josh Gordon failed yet another drug test, which would put him in line for a 16-game suspension. Yesterday, Steve, Mike and I talked about what the Browns should do with Josh Gordon prior to the suspension.

Gee, I wonder what we’d say now?

Here’s the minutiae:

  • Cut Manziel or Start him
  • Surely the #Browns wouldn’t keep Manziel because of his celebrity, could they?
  • Orbanek Rant and Manziel being an idiot
  • Manziel “knocks Hattery’s socks of in unprofessionalism”
  • Manziel and Gordon KNOW what not to do, and still do it
  • Hattery pulls in Gordon, and calls for a purge
  • What do you have to do to have your place of employment send security to your house for being late to practice?
  • Is cutting Gordon and Manziel best for Gordon and Manziel?
  • Merrill Hoge sucks
  • Pete Rant on Browns’ instability
  • Can Johnny Manziel prove to the Browns’ organization that he’s trustworthy?
  • Johnny Manziel is Kim Kardashian?
  • Jersey sales, and Manziel as a cultural icon?
  • Where the hell does Josh Gordon fit into all of this (taped prior to latest failed test)?
  • Will Johnny Manziel be a member of the Cleveland Browns, and will he start in 2015?
  • Hattery Rant on second chances.
  • Hattery on Gordon’s dumbness
  • What do the Browns do in 2015, with or without these idiots?
  • Another Pete Rant–I kind of like this one
  • pipe-dream=”good pun”
  • Orbanek calls for the #Browns to cut Josh Gordon, but not Manziel. Find out why?
  • Hattery is done
  • Gordon is an idiot (I’m sensing a theme).
  • Why aren’t the Browns on Hardknocks, or are they the model?

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