The Cleveland Browns logo, the sports media in Cleveland and beyond, and Kendrick Perkins–EHC Podcast 12–2/24/2015


WFNY’s &’s Rick Grayshock joins the show with our first podcast talking Cleveland sports. We dive right into it, talking how the sports media portrays Cleveland, why the Browns should (or shouldn’t) change the logo, the role of Kendrick Perkins, Josh Gordon, and whether or not J.R. Smith can keep it together in 2015 and beyond.

Rick was a co-founder at WFNY, along with Scott Sargent and Andrew Schnitkey. Make sure you check out all of their stuff at There isn’t a better all-encompassing Cleveland sports website on the interwebs. You can also check out Rick’s work at

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Check out the podcast, after the jump:

  • Jim talks about where “Everybody Hates Cleveland” comes from.
  • Rick ponders being the First Baseman for the Indians, or a Middle Linebacker for the Browns.
  • A Point Guard trapped in a Power Forward’s body playing center?
  • Rick talks about FoxSportsOhio, and why he left writing at WFNY full-time.
  • The WFNY imprint, with props to the incredible crew there, as well as the websites and recognition from across the region.
  • Rick talks WFNY taking advantage of every opportunity to gain footing in the community, including simply holding the microphone for
  • How the national media has, in-large, driven the #Cavs media coverage from the start, especially the drama.
  • The ‘Manziel Mandate,’ and the click-bait debate.
  • The Social Media presence, and how posts have turned into headlines.
  • The olden days of getting your news from the nightly news, or the Sunday editions.
  • Rick’s days of covering the Browns, and the behind the scenes of “getting information” in the locker room.
  • The Browns’ and Mike Pettine’s press conference, the Blizzard of 2014, and how the press didn’t have a chance.
  • D’Qwell Jackson as the mouthpiece of the Browns, and how Joe Haden has developed into one as well.
  • Good Lord, Josh Gordon.
  • The Cleveland Browns logo, and Rick’s “little helmet” sickness, and his fascination with uniforms.
  • Paul Brown, whose family owns the Bengals, as the silhouette for the Browns logo?
  • The Browns are in a no-win scenario here.
  • The choices: A dog, a word imprint, or the initials?
  • The Cavs jerseys, and how the product on the court makes the jerseys inconsequential.
  • Wait, the Browns aren’t going to win the Super Bowl next year?
  • The Seahawks did a nice job incorporating the 12th Man into the uniform. Will the #Browns do the same?
  • Kendrick Perkins role with the Cavs
  • J.R. Smith is content, but for how long?
  • What would ever happen if any team wins a title?
  • Check Rick out every Tuesday night on ESPN Lima at around 5:40.

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