Rearview Mirror: The Browns Logo-Gate

temp022315-logolaunch-2--nfl_mezz_1280_1024The Cleveland Browns are an endless supply of things to talk about, even during a time of the year when there shouldn’t be anything to talk about. If only they could be so interesting on the field…

Let’s talk about the Browns “new” logo.

The new logo was about as exciting as a luke-warm glass of water. And with the big deal they made out of it, it was very Cleveland Brown-y to have such an underwhelming offering. Oh, those Browns. They can’t get out of their own way.

However, in the end the logo really couldn’t be more meaningless.

I was listening to sports-talk radio and Browns President Alec Scheiner was on answering for his sins. The host was roasting the guy over the lack of pizzazz the revamped logo had. I heard fans calling in saying the logo was a “slap in the face.”

Guys. Take it down a notch. It’s a logo.

Your “stud” quarterback is in rehab while your “stud” wide receiver got himself suspended for a year. Again.

Your general manager just had to publicly apologize for sending texts to the sideline during games. It may cost the team a late-round draft pick, which sucks because those are the draft picks Ray Farmer is actually good making.

Maybe that’s why some were so upset. They just wanted something about this team to get excited about. And just as their 6-2 record spiraled down into 7-9 crash landing, the disappointment after so much hope just caught some fans emotionally off guard.

But let’s talk: If you signed up for emails and texts to be one of the first to see the logo; if you were counting down the days and maybe even the hours until the unveiling; if you felt betrayed when the logo was finally presented…..well, maybe it’s time to take a step back. It’s a helmet. It’s not even a real helmet; it’s a cartoon helmet!

I know this winter sucks. We dodged global warming just in time to get clobbered by another ice age. We’re all starting to feel like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. So maybe that accounts for some of the anger.

But please put a little space between you and the team if it’s going to affect you so strongly.

Let’s face it, you’re in love with a heroin addict, the “addict” being the Browns, and the “heroin” being dysfunction. Can they recover and be a productive member of society again? Sure. They could. Of course, you’re more likely to walk in to them passed out on the floor, soaked in a puddle of their own urine.

Let me get out in front of the uniforms that are coming in April: Don’t expect too much. What do you think they are going to be able to do? They’re not changing the helmet and the colors are orange and brown. There’s not a lot of wiggle room there. What’s really left, the stripes on the sleeves? Big deal.

I’m going to say what I am sure a lot of people said in regards to the new logo: Just win some flipping football games!!! I don’t care if they come out in burqa, as long as the make the freaking playoffs. It’s been 14 years! Even the Detroit Lions have been able to get into the playoffs twice in that time. Nine different teams have won a Super Bowl since then. Heck, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been to THREE Super Bowls since then.

The Browns? One winning season.

Stand close enough to let them know you care, but with enough distance to let them know that you expect them to pick themselves up. You scream about how done with them you are, and then you go running back the moment they start teasing a logo.

I know it’s not the same for you, but go watch the Cavs. They are really becoming the Beast of the NBA East.

Get ready for the Tribe. A lot of national people are ranking them pretty high based on their starting pitching and the presence of Terry Francona.

Hey, there’s always the Ohio State Buckeyes! National Champs! Heck, Cleveland State is looking pretty tough right now.

Do anything but give yourself fully to this team. Will it ever get turned around? Sure, at least for a season or two. Is it going to be in 2015? Yeah, probably not.

So maybe we should stop counting on this team for anything. Not until they show us they can get something right. How many times in a year can this team suck you in only to let you down again? There’ll be plenty of time for that when they start playing games.

I’m not saying don’t pay attention to them or don’t care. What’s the fun in watching sports if you don’t care? I’m just saying to stay a little even-keel. You can’t let them upset you that much over a drawing.

It’s only February, guys. There’s still a lot of year left. And with the Cleveland Browns, disappointment is always a marathon and never a sprint.

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  1. You can not give one’s self totally to this team to be able to function, or even to enjoy life. But I do love the Browns. And your advice about following the Tribe and Cavs are on point. Without those too, my sports life would be considered nothing less of a self inflicted gun shot wound, every week, every month.

    • Haha, I couldn’t say it better. I love the Browns, too, and I hate how dysfunctional they are. But they can’t seem to help themselves, so I try and keep a measured distance.

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