Oh Twitter… Cleveland Indians #TribeSpring Photo Day

1It appears to be media day in Goodyear Thursday morning. The players are posing for their pictures and signing the camera lens. Most of these pictures are being tweeted on the Indians twitter account @Indians.

Twitter is like the ultimate bully in high school. They are usually faceless people. Even I have a picture of Carlos Santana as my avatar. Most of all though it is really easy to just be a jerk when you have the security of the Internet protecting you from seeing somebody.

While I do enjoy most media pieces the Indians tweet out, I LOVE to read the replies some people tweet out. Lets have some laughs together??

Nick Swisher

I think we all know where this one is heading right? Actually most of the replies were pretty positive. And I actually like Swisher and think he will bounce back this year to something similar to his 2013 season. But there is a segment out there that has to let you know that they do not like you. And that Nick Swisher ruined their lives. Twitter is the vehicle for this, Twitter is heartless.


Swish also did a Vine of himslef trying to spell Rzepczynski

One guy in particular wanted to call out his friend for always talking trash about Swisher.

The Indians also unveiled a new ticket option for the newly designed right field party deck.

I will say this, the replies to this were also mostly positive. But I couldn’t resist pointing out one guy who is upset. What is he upset about you might wonder?

Right Handed Power!!

The Indians actually replied to this guy, which I think they should start doing more. They can do a lot of good by defusing these hacks with tweets like this one.

And of course it would be wrong of me to not mention EHC’s own Al Ciammaichella’s reply to this guy.

Nice reply Al, it made me laugh at least. This guy continued with the main talking points, “No World Series” “Dolan is cheap” he pretty much ran the cycle of nonsense.

All in all it was a successful twitter replies day. I was entertained at least.

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