Blake Bost: Protagonist

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to Blakes Bost, living or still living, are purely coincidental.

Blake Bost doesn’t know the exact number of eyes on him, but it’s definitely not less than were there three events ago.

Blake Bost lists those three events, for our recollection:

  1. Zach Calzada puts some loft under it
  2. 650 pounds of linemen flow into his Zach Calzada’s lower left leg
  3. Ainias Smith catches a pass thrown 650 pounds ago, tying Alabama 38-38 with 3 minutes left

Blake Bost is stoked about Ainias Smith catching that pass. Put a safety on him and





GET 😤😤😤

Blake Bost points out we’ve got some PROBLEMS 😤😤😤 here at the skill positions for A&M.

Blake Bost is, hoo, pretty worried about Zach, who, god, those folks from Bama are a load. Shoot, man. Knee? Shoot.

Blake Bost, again, remembers yeah, those folks from Bama are a load.

Blake Bost considers for a moment his injured teammate, and knows that if Zach Calzada is out, the Next Man Up is none other than Blake Bost.

Blake Bost once more considers: those folks from Bama are a load. I mean, they’re really big.

Blake Bost I mean REALLY, they’re BIG big

Blake Bost’s sure that, you’re joking, right? Me? In there? Now? QB? For the Aggies? Against Bama?

Truly, is it Blake Bost’s moment?

Blake Bost wants to stress them Bama boys are, again, real big.

Blake Bost halts that line of reasoning and remembers that the folks here at A&M are also a load, and also big, and, as mentioned, PROBLEMS 😤😤😤

Blake Bost lets the thought take hold for a moment – isn’t Blake Bost one such problem?

Blake Bost doesn’t remember that he was ranked 266 as a QB in the 2021 class. At all. Blake Bost doesn’t pay attention to that sort of thing. Blake Bost keeps the blinders on and doesn’t listen to the outside noise.

Blake Bost hasn’t once checked that 247 page.

Blake Bost – more to the point, 266th is really good – there’s 16,000 high schools in the U.S., and if you’re #266 among starting QBs, that’s a really good football player, in Blake Bost’s opinion.

Blake Bost, true freshman walk-on, made it through camp, just like every A&M player on scholarship. Blake Bost trained with these guys. Blake Bost is not some underdog, he is their teammate – Blake Bost doesn’t need to make a miracle happen, he just needs to do what he’s been practicing to do.

Blake Bost adds, that’s what they say, right? Practice like you play? Put championship reps out there to put championship drives on the field? Blake Bost practices against dudes just as bad as Bama’s every day. Blake Bost doesn’t need to be a hero, just needs to execute one drive like he practiced.

Blake Bost doesn’t remember the #266 ranking vividly at all, but does remember vividly that whatever #266 ranking in the 247 rankings he might have had – and not good enough to be ranked in the composite, aight bet – whatever rankings he might have had was a product of the machinations of the doubters and haters, numerous and spiteful, and strives each day to prove them wrong.

Blake Bost, this day, is going to have a chance to prove them all wrong, once and for all.

“it’s blake bost time” -blake bost

Blake Bost sees Zach Calzada walking out of the tent – oh, Zach’s fine? After that hit?

Blake Bost – THAT hit? That’s – god, man, glad he’s alright. Blake Bost’s teammate didn’t sustain lasting knee damage. That’s a genuine relief to Blake Bost.

Blake Bost will not be taking the field today. Blake Bost will not have a chance to prove himself to the world today.

It will not be blake bost time today.

The 12 million onlookers on CBS and hundred thousand at Kyle Field will not see true freshman walk-on Blake Bost run the 2-minute drill. No one will see the world where he makes good-enough throws over the middle to move the sticks 3 times to get them in field goal range. No one will see the world where he makes the throws but they’re dropped by receivers he hasn’t worked with. No one will see the world where he gets sacked on first down, leading to 2nd and 15 with a running clock, forcing a timeout and behind-the-sticks playcalling for the rest of the sequence, leading to Bama blitzing freely, resulting in a throwaway, another sack, another timeout, and another incompletion.

No one will see these futures or any other possible futures where Blake Bost plays today. These nervous possibilities where Blake Bost takes the field with a minute left against Alabama, driving for the win, for better or worse, do not exist today.

But Texas A&M still has a chance to beat Alabama, and Blake Bost’s teammates – the ones who got them this far – will be the ones who take them home. Blake Bost will not be one of them, but he has be has been one with them, and he is their teammate as much as they are his. Blake Bost took a walk-on offer – inasmuch as a competitor can be, Blake Bost must have accepted that offer comfortable with the fact that he would not be the hero of Texas A&M’s story – but for one minute in the tale of this upset win, walk-on QB from Port Neches, TX, Blake Bost was the protagonist.

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