Orbiting Cleveland: NFL quarterbacks and sustained success


(John Kuntz / The Plain Dealer)

(John Kuntz / The Plain Dealer)

$41.6 million. That’s the remaining dollar amount that the Cleveland Browns have available in cap space.

Why are they not using that to sign any high-level free agents? Well, that’s the $41.6 million question, isn’t it?

So far, the Browns’ two big moves this offseason have revolved around the signing of journeyman quarterback Josh McCown and wide receiver Brian Hartline. Both players were cut from their previous team, and neither signing has created much of a buzz within the fan base.

The criticism that this franchise has faced since 1999 has become laughable at this point. Every year, it seems to be the same story with the Browns, and EHC’s Brian McPeek helped outline that a couple weeks ago in his piece, Set Your Watch By It.

I, too, have been critical of the Browns. This was true no less than three days ago when it was falsely reported that the Browns had re-signed tight end Jordan Cameron, only to watch him bolt to the Miami Dolphins just hours later. Same-old Browns, right?

Call me crazy though, but when it comes to the Browns’ conservative approach to free agency, this is one instance where I have to say that I’m on board. Completely.

Let’s take you for a trip down memory lane.

January 18, 2004. Do you remember that date? Continue reading


McCown signing underscores dire QB situation


Before I delve into anything that could be construed as a well-formed commentary, I must preface it with the confession that despite his middling career, I have always held a soft spot for Josh McCown (and no, it’s not Luke).

After all, it was a second-year McCown who completed a 28-yard fourth-down touchdown pass for Arizona as time expired in the final week of the 2003 season to knock the Vikings out of playoff contention. It opened the door for the Brett Favre-led Packers to claim the NFC North title and appeared to flash a glimpse of the talent possessed by the quarterback out of Sam Houston State.

Since then— 12 years, nine teams, a UFL stint and, get this, 16 wins later—McCown is the starting quarterback for your Cleveland Browns. Continue reading

The Cleveland Browns logo, the sports media in Cleveland and beyond, and Kendrick Perkins–EHC Podcast 12–2/24/2015



WFNY’s & FoxSportsOhio.com’s Rick Grayshock joins the show with our first podcast talking Cleveland sports. We dive right into it, talking how the sports media portrays Cleveland, why the Browns should (or shouldn’t) change the logo, the role of Kendrick Perkins, Josh Gordon, and whether or not J.R. Smith can keep it together in 2015 and beyond.

Rick was a co-founder at WFNY, along with Scott Sargent and Andrew Schnitkey. Make sure you check out all of their stuff at http://www.waitingfornextyear.com. There isn’t a better all-encompassing Cleveland sports website on the interwebs. You can also check out Rick’s work at FoxSportsOhio.com.

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Cutting ties with Josh Gordon

Gordon will never wake up in time. Perhaps this will wake up Manziel...Nah.

Gordon will never wake up in time. Perhaps this will wake up Manziel…Nah.

Josh Gordon has failed another drug test.

Are you surprised?


Are you?

If Gordon’s suspension proves true, and there’s no reason to believe that it’s not, it will be his fourth suspension as an NFL player in three years, and third by the NFL. The Browns recently suspended Gordon for the final game of the 2014 season after showing up late…again…for the Saturday morning walkthrough.

I haven’t even mentioned his suspensions in college, which included both an offseason suspension, as well as his ultimate demise at Baylor, when he was kicked of the team…for pot.

That’s six suspension in five years.

Does anyone see a pattern here? Continue reading