Steve OrbanekSteve Orbanek–Managing Editor:

Even at 26 years of age, sports heartbreak has been a frequent theme in Steve’s life. The Browns moving to Baltimore. Game seven of 1997 World Series. The Decision.

Yep, Steve remembers them all, and they’ve all had a profound effect in one way or another.

But he also remembers the number 455. He remembers the night of June 26, 2003. And he firmly believes the best has yet to come.

A writer for most of his life, Steve earned his bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Duquesne University before earning a master’s degree in Communications and Media Studies from Edinboro University. His first book, General McLane Athletics: Stories From the First 50 Years was released in December 2010 by Reedy Press and chronicled the sports history of an Edinboro area high school. During the day, Steve works at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College as the college’s Marketing and Communications Specialist. Steve has previously served as Associate Editor for Indians Baseball Insider and Cleveland Sports Insiders. He currently resides in the great city of McKean, PA with his beautiful wife and their two hound dogs. Follow Steve on twitter at Steve can be reached via email at

JimJim Pete–Managing Editor:

Jim Pete was born and bred in the Forest City of Cleveland, Ohio before moving to the giant Metropolis of McKean, PA. He is currently residing in Raleigh, NC only 30 minutes away from Zebulon, NC and Cleveland’s High A affiliate, the Carolina Mudcats. Cleveland Sports just happen to be his passion, coming in a not-so-close second to his wife, son and daughter, as well as his crazy dog and even more insane cat.

Rooting for the Indians and the rest of the Cleveland sports has been akin to walking on broken glass, legos and hot coals at the same time…but somehow have found a way to consume his life on a daily basis. Yeah, he does hate Cleveland Sports…just a little…

Jim’s first Cleveland Sports memory was watching the Tribe as a five-year old in cavernous Municipal stadium, in awe of Charlie Spikes, Andre “Thunder” Thornton, Duane Kuiper, Rick Manning and the great Buddy Bell. Most thought Municipal was a giant dung heap. Jim thought it was nothing short of heaven. He died a little while attending the infamous Red Right 88 with his Dad, and swore off the Browns and the NFL that day. The moment Jordan hit the winning shot over Craig Ehlo is forever etched in his mind as the worst day in the history of the world.

Hyperbole knows no bounds.

Jim has written and talked about Cleveland Sports over the past 15 years for several sites, and last was a senior editor, columnist and beat writer for Indians Baseball Insider and Cleveland Sports Insiders. He attended Historic Grainger Stadium regularly with his kids and wife in tow, and is now a regular at Five County Stadium.

He longs for the day when people hate Cleveland because they win titles…and not because of a series of shortfalls. You can follow Jim on Twitter, or he can be reached at

1Michael Hattery:

Michael Hattery was born and raised in upstate New York. Unfortunately his father was born and raised in Medina Ohio, forever staking the family’s allegiances to “The Cleve”. Mike currently a pre-law/political science major at Clarkson University.  He grew up around baseball, touching it in any way he could, be it a mediocre high school career reliant on poor secondary offerings or working in the clubhouse for the AA Binghamton Mets. The last touch he could find was  writing which for him is mostly focused on analytics and data reliant columns. Unfortunately, while they can occasionally offer some small nugget of insight they are predominantly mindless wanderings through the mind of a frustrated fan, rather than a rational observer. Mike has previously written as a Senior Columnist at Indians Baseball Insider, Cleveland Sports Insider, and for a fleeting, irrational moment, Rant Sports.Follow Michael on twitter at Michael can be reached via email at

1John Grimm:

A recent graduate from The Ohio State University in History and Greek and Latin, John Grimm is a life-long Cleveland sports fan. In 2013, he found an interest in non-traditional baseball statistics and believes that, given the vast array of free, publicly available, in-depth statistics, one can draw many nuanced conclusions and make extremely well-reasoned, measured conclusions.

John is presently enrolled in the Chemical Engineering program at Arizona State University.

IMG956108John Bojarski:

Mr. John Bojarski has been a professional journalist since 2009. He has enjoyed professional wrestling since 1999, discounting that period from 2000 and 2011 when he did not watch the product. But, of course, you already knew that.

He received a third place award for breaking news from the Society of Professional Journalists in 2010 (along with fellow EHC author Steve Orbanek) and received an honorable mention for a sports story from the Keystone Press Awards in 2013.

He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, and they have zero dogs and a mostly empty refrigerator.

He is (not) a broadcast journalist and he is (not) entitled to his opinion. Hit him up at

Featured Columnists:

??????????Joe Cuneo:

Joe Cuneo is a native of Erie, Pa., where he, like many a child of the 90s, fell under the spell of the powerhouse Indians teams. His allegiance to the Tribe didn’t end following the fire sale of the early 2000s and continues to occupy much of his free time.

With the Browns in exile when he became a football fan, Joe adopted the Green Bay Packers as his favorite team largely due to a major man crush on Brett Favre. A converted Browns fan, Joe is also an avid follower of Notre Dame football. Joe currently works as a communications and Marketing specialist in Erie.

Kevin FiorenzoKevin Fiorenzo:

Kevin Fiorenzo was born in Denver, Colorado, but was raised in Erie, PA. Growing up in a Cleveland sports household, Kevin had little choice but to become devoted to the Indians and Browns. A product of the 1990s, Kevin was a huge fan of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

In addition to his sports fandom, Kevin developed an appreciation for movies at a young age, stemming from viewing Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo for the first time with his dad when he was 11 years old. Since then he has been an avid moviegoer and consumer of all things pop culture.

A 2006 Penn State University graduate with a degree in Journalism, Kevin is currently a project editor in the publishing division of IMG College in Lexington, KY.

Facebook-20140827-102310Rich Primo:

Rich has been a Cleveland sports fan for over 35 years. The only thing that saved him from suffering longer than that was the lucky break that he didn’t start watching these teams play until he was 10 years old.

He started with the Indians of the late 1970s. Not fun. Then the Kardiac Kids of 1980, a precursor to a lot of heartache he’d receive at the hands of the Browns. The Cavs came along to him in the early 80s when Larry Bird, Magic, and Dr. J brought to the NBA many new fans. To be honest, it’s been a mostly-good experience. Well, there were those ugly Mike Fratello years. And Randy Whitman. And something about a decision. And Mike Brown’s return. Maybe we should just stop right there.

The Walsh University graduate was born, raised, and resides in the Akron area. He’s old. He’s a bit grumpy. He hates sports-talk radio, he hates sports clichés, and he hates losing. Sometimes he rants about these things. Sometimes.

photo1Ryan Nguyen:

Ryan Nguyen grew up in Erie, PA which is directly in the middle of three passionate sports in markets Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Growing up Ryan was a Pittsburgh sports fan and fortunately didn’t experience the heartbreak that Buffalo and Cleveland sports fans have faced.

While studying Advertising and Public Relations at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Ryan grew out of love with the sports teams in Pittsburgh for a number of reasons and decided to jump on the Cleveland bandwagon (Indians and Cavs). After graduating Ryan moved to Cleveland to start his career in digital advertising where his passion for the Indians and Cavs only grew. Currently, Ryan is a Digital Strategist, in New York.

Follow Ryan on Twitter at, and reach Ryan via email at

Brian Andrews Profile PicBrian Andrews:

Brian Andrews is an aspiring sports entertainer and positivity advocate. From humble beginnings, Brian has been involved in the professional wrestling industry for most of his life, in one form or another. He believes in infinite potential, and strives to realize it within himself, and those he chooses to surround himself with. Follow Brian on Twitter at @hashtagalt236, and you can reach him via email at

188945_10150433858615582_798917_nJosh Riesen:

A 2013 graduate of The Ohio State University, a Browns and 1998 fair-weather fan, Josh first found soccer during the 2002 World Cup. Originally drawn into the well-established world of baseball statistics, he believes similar thought processes can be brought into the soccer by using publicly-available statistics to make useful strategic inferences, and explore the soccer market in MLS. Follow Josh on Twitter at @THEriesen, and you can reach him via email at

photoMatt Kasznel:

Matt is a former college sportswriter turned corporate lackey, a diehard Philadelphia sports fan, and an unapologetic Diet Dr. Pepper addict. He co-hosts the Kaz and Keegan Show and Religiosity podcast, and is a co-blogger at We’re Awesome Because We Write. He is currently languishing in Newark, Delaware. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @mkasznel.

1Sam Chapman:

Sam spent the majority of his childhood wearing a “Hutch” Cleveland Browns football helmet.  Diehard NBA and NFL fan.  Last time he shed a tear was when LeBron James left the Cavaliers.  Sam graduated from Duquesne University with a BA in Psychology in 2010.  Sam can be reached at


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