The Cleveland Cavaliers go streaking–EHC Podcast 7–1/25/15

1If there’s one thing that EHC’s Steve Orbanek, Mike Hattery and I have been discussing a lot over the past several months, it’s, “Who exactly are the Cleveland Cavaliers?”

You would think this would be easy, right? The Cavs sign LeBron James, re-sign Kyrie Irving and trade for Kevin Love; that’s a trio of moves that should make a team really good, right?

You would think.

In the wake of the roster upheaval that took place this past offseason, the Cavs were left with some really good parts, that played with absolutely no cohesiveness whatsoever.

The team started off 1-3, and the spin cycle began to grind early, pondering whether or not Kevin Love would stay in Cleveland, or head off to the West Coast to join L.A. at season’s end.

The Cavs then ran off a streak of four-in-a-row in which they scored 110 points or more in all four games, culminating in a 127-94 shellacking of a pretty good Atlanta Hawks team, and all was right in the world again. The Cavs could score, and while they certainly weren’t clicking on all cylinders, they seemed to be further along then people thought they’d be after eight games.

Then came another four-game losing streak in which they didn’t score over 100, which was followed by an eight-game win streak, then a 1-3 stretch, then a 4-1 stretch, then a 1-9 stretch, which leads to our current 5-0 run.

Enter your profanity induced statements here.

It’s been a season unlike any other, and Steve, Mike and I talk about the current Cavaliers’ team, and where they might go from here. Have they turned the corner, or are they stuck in a maze of new coaches, players and schemes?

Among the topics discussed:

  • Is J.R. Smith the perfect addition to this team?
  • Timofey Mozgoz is a legit game-changer.
  • How good is Iman Shumpert, and will Cavs’ fans finally have a reason to sport high-top fades again?
  • #MenLieWomenLieBucketsDont
  • What in the hell is wrong with Kevin Love, and is he here long-term?
  • Who is the better rebounder this year, Tristan Thompson or #KLove?
  • #IntellectualRebounder???
  • Will the Cavs make more moves over the next month?
  • If so, who is at the top of the list: Jordan Farmar, Ray Allen, Samuel Dalembert, Will Bynum or Bobby Brown…ya’, ya’, ya’ know it.

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